US-290 Roads & Bridges

US-290 Roads & Bridges

Austin, TX

Type of Job:  6 Miles tolled main lanes; 6 miles of frontage road; 33 bridges; utilities; retention walls
Cost:  $210M
Duration:  2011-2014
Location:  Austin, TX
Project Status:  Complete
Client:  Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority
Sterling Company:  Texas Sterling Construction

A Joint Venture project which stretched to just over three years for the design and construction. The project consists of tolled concrete main lanes, asphalt frontage roads, thirty three roadway bridges, utility construction as well as relocations and retaining walls. This project has been a significant challenge for the construction team with regard to cost and schedule but represents a great example of teamwork.  The CTRMA has expressed gratitude for the team’s timely delivery of the project and the significant craftsmanship that is apparent throughout the project.

Recognized for timely delivery and significant craftsmanship.

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