LAX - Roadways & Terminals

LAX - Roadways & Terminals

1 World Way
Los Angeles, CA 90045

Type of Job:  Aviation/Bridge
Cost:  $79.5M
Duration:  2014-Present
Location:  Los Angeles International Airport, Los Angeles, CA
Project Status:  In progress
Client:  Los Angeles World Airports; City of Los Angeles
Sterling Company:  Banicki Construction

This Construction Manager At Risk (CMAR) project is located at the Los Angeles International Airport, which is the 2nd busiest airport in the United States.  Work hours are limited to, 12:00 AM – 5:00 AM for the majority of the work. 

The project has four major components of work:

  1. The Second Level Roadway (SLR) work includes repairing 49 “Hinges”. Repair includes demolition & reconstruction, installing 49 new deck joints and replacement of bearing pads at 41 of the 49 Hinges, including installation of 15 new bridge deck drains.  After the repairs are complete, the entire second level roadway will receive a 1” Polymer Overlay. 
  2. New Face of the Central Terminal Area (NFCTA) work includes 78 new light poles, removal and modification to Concrete Bridge Barrier in 78 locations and adding a “Light Ribbon” around the Terminal Area. 
  3. New Face of the Central Terminal Area (NFCTA) TBIT & T-3/T-4 work includes new canopy construction in front of the Tom Bradley International Terminal and Terminals 3 & 4. 
  4. World Way South & Center Way (WWS-CW) work includes widening of the roadway, new curb & gutter, traffic loops, asphalt paving and slurry seal.

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