Our Culture

We don't just work together but we look out for each other and make sure everyone is protected and safe

We create more than just roads and bridges, we create art

We want to inspire our employees at all levels to be innovative and never stop learning

Stretch & Flex is one way we are putting Safety first

We understand that only through dedication, precision and passion that we can create quality projects

Communication is central to our success

Diversity of all types is important to us - from ways of thinking to skill sets

We work to make sure every employee goes home to his or her family Safe and Sound every day

At Sterling, the ability to learn from our leaders is forever an opportunity

We understand the importance of precision and mistakes are not an option

Our employees are our most important asset

We are a team

Passion drives everything we do

We are focused on Safety always

We believe it is not the quality of the tools that build our infrastructure but the quality of our people using them

We reach for our goals everyday

Building is a team effort

We are a family of five distinct companies that leverage each other's strengths and work together to create One Sterling

We value continuous learning, ongoing mentorships, and constant opportunities to contribute to Sterling and our communities

We approach each day with a positive attitude

We strive to always deliver quality jobs

We value our employees

Ensuring the safety of our employees and our communities is our responsibility

Teamwork is central to everything we do

We understand that the tools we use on the job are as unique as our employees

We encourage our employees to engage and share thoughts to continuously improve

Our optimistic attitude is reflected in our work

To us, construction is a magnificent art

We believe that no goal is unreachable

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